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    Frequently Asked Questions About Photography Services

    How long does a photoshoot take?
    It depends on the sort of shoot and wether it’s a location- or studio shoot. To give you an idea: A regular 30 euro social media shoot takes up about 15 minutes and a 15 people family shoot will take up to 1,5 hour
    Do I get prints or files of the photos I buy?
    You’ll get Hi-Res image files which you can get printed as many times as you want. Of course I can provide you with advice on where to get them printed but I can also get them printed for you on request.
    I want a huge 2 x 1,5M canvas. Are your photos big enough?
    Yes. Some of my shots have been used on sides of trucks. So a canvas will be no problem at all 🙂
    During our shoot you took loads of photos. Why don't I get all 350 of them?
    Every photo I shoot is an unique product to me. A product that needs to be handled with care and a lot of thought and creativity. Preparing a photograph for a client takes up about 15 to 30 minutes, to sometimes even an hour. Yes. That’s for one photo! Just because we live in a digital world now-a-days doesn’t mean photographs don’t need to be developed anymore because they do. Just not in a darkroom but in a programme called… Lightroom! 😉

    Frequently Asked Questions About Photostudio Rental

    Does my camera work with the studio equipment you have in your studio?
    If you have a point-and-camera – no it won’t. If you have anything else: Then yes, most likely. If not – We’ll make it work! The only problem I’ve seen over the past 5 years of providing studio rental is some of the older Sony DSLR camera’s. They have a different hotshoe which doesn’t work with the Pocketwizards that are in my studio. If you want to use the studio with an older Sony DSLR camera please bring your own hotsshoe adapter. You can find them at any photography store for like 15 to 20 euro
    Can I rent the studio for videography?
    Yes. And it’s been doen many times but do keep in mind that the equipment I have in my studio is photo equipment. Sure, my lights have continues model lights in them but you might want to bring something more powerful for videography. I’ve had clients coming in bringing cheapskate building construction lights and that worked fantasticly well on the white backdrop I have in the studio
    I am new to photography - Can I use your studio?
    Sure. But I do recommend booking a mini workshop too to get you going! 
    You have some awesome props in your studio, can I use all of them?
    YES! The studio is completely yours during your rental period.

    Frequently Asked Off topic Questions

    Did you make your own website? Can you make me one?
    Yes and yes, I can make you a website. Please contact me through the contact page.
    How long have you been into photography?
    I’ve been into photography ever since I can remember but I’ve been doing it for a living since 2010
    What camera do you shoot with?
    It depends on the situation. I am still very much in love with my Canon 5d Mark II but I occasionally rent a Mark III – By the time you read this I may be rocking something completely different